Opening hours over Christmas and New Year 2021

Annual Open Meeting

The annual Open Meeting will be held at the Ropley Sports Pavilion at 7 p.m. on Tuesday 5th October 2021. All are welcome. Come along and hear what is happening at the shop.

Ropley Courtyard Village Shop says goodbye to some long standing staff

Customers of the Ropley Courtyard Village Shop said goodbye on Tuesday 20th July 2021, to four key members of the shop team with a combined length of service exceeding half a century! 

Retiring Chairman, Alec Nicholson, was a leading light in setting up the shop before it opened in 2006.  He has been a key member of the shop board for twenty years, becoming Chairman in 2009, and has been a source of inspiration to the management team during that time.

Popular postmaster, Rasik Lakhami, who attended the party with his wife, son and two grand daughters, made the decision to retire at the end of April after twelve years driving from Farnborough each day in all weathers.

Sue Sansom retired earlier in the year, however as this was the first opportunity for a get together, she came back to have a formal thanks for the eleven years she worked in the shop. 

Finally, as shop manager for the past nine years, Vonnie Archer has worked tirelessly for the shop.  During the first Covid lockdown, she kept the village supplied with many staples that were out of stock elsewhere.  Loo rolls, bread flour and yeast were in plentiful supply and the shelves were kept full while a delivery service was started to the vulnerable and socially isolated villagers.

The Post Office is now run by Nicky Dennis and the senior shop manager is Karen Jones. 

The shop organised the party at the Sports Pavilion with a game of cricket on the recreation ground as the backdrop.  Many residents attended to wish the four goodbye and thank them for their years of hard work.

L-R Rasik Lakhami, David Hope-Mason (previous chairman), Vonnie Archer, Alec Nicholson, Sue Sansom and Stephen Broadbent (current acting chairman).

July 2021″Thank you and Farewell Party

Tuesday 20th July  6pm – 8pm

Ropley Sports Pavilion

Please come and join us for a glass of wine and refreshments to say goodbye and a huge thank you to Vonnie, Rasik, Alec Nicholson and Sue Sansom and to thank all our volunteers for their unstinting and tireless work over the past months and particularly during the first lockdown.

If you would like to make a donation to Vonnie and Rasik, there are collection boxes on the shop counter.

News Update 2nd December


News update 9th November 2020

The Courtyard Village Shop and Post Office will continue to open during the four weeks of lockdown as an essential service.  Our suppliers will help us keep the shelves full so there is no need to “panic” buy and, as usual, if you need anything specific do let us know (eg bread, vegetables). We were able to keep many items in stock during the last lock down, that large supermarkets struggled with.  Bread flour, yeast, eggs, pasta and toilet rolls are just some of the items that we managed to provide throughout.

We are happy to offer a collection service on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Just email through your order to this email address by 11.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will sort it all out for you.  If you do not get a reply to say we have received the email do please ring so we can look for it.  We will also continue with a mini delivery service.  This is aimed at those who have no-one who can collect for them, it will be on Fridays only for orders received by 11.30am on Thursdays.

We are now stocking Christmas cards and goodies so it’s a great opportunity to get ahead with preparations!

News Update 23rd July 2020

As most of you will know it is mandatory to wear face masks in shops from Friday 24th July.  We thought it would be helpful to set out what this means for us, and you, in Ropley’s Courtyard Shop; in terms of what we understand from the Covid-19 Secure guidelines published by the Government.

·         In the context of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a face covering is something which safely covers the nose and mouth.  You may use a scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering but these must securely fit round the side of the face.  You can also buy reusable or single-use face coverings.

·         Face coverings are largely intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, they are not a replacement for social distancing.

In The Courtyard Shop, we have already provided a table with hand sanitiser outside the door.  We will also now offer single use face masks for customers who have forgotten to bring their own – but ask for a small donation to cover this cost, please.  It will be the customer’s responsibility to comply with the law in this respect; however we can refuse entry if we feel a customer is not prepared to play their part.  Children under 11 are exempt as are people with a disability that means it is not possible for them to put on a mask or are a carer of a person who needs to lip read (the full list is available on the site).

Our volunteers will also need to wear masks in the shop but will be able to take these off in the office and store room if they prefer; they will also be able to remove the mask if they need to have a conversation with a customer and it is easier for that customer if the volunteer does this without their mask.

We want to make this easy for everyone!  So from 24th July, we are increasing the numbers of customers in the shop to a maximum of 3.  We will also ask you to exit via the door beside the Post Office in order to maintain social distancing of 1 metre “plus”.

Please let us know if there is anything else you think will take us all into this next phase of exiting lock down.

Thank you all for your continuing support!

News Update 7th July 2020

Carry on The Courtyard

Unprecedented times indeed – on the volunteer front, The Courtyard Shop was immediately impacted, as many of our regular faces behind the till had to self-isolate but we had a fantastic response from villagers who found themselves working from home or unable to go to college/university and who were happy to help out and fill the gaps, thus enabling us to keep the shop open, albeit for mornings only.

Vonnie has done sterling work in ensuring we kept you supplied with pasta, bread flour, YEAST, tinned tomatoes and loo rolls, when other shops struggled to find stockists, as well as manning the post office. Vegetables have come in fresh every day and our bread supplier was delighted  to increase the delivery  to us to make up for the lack of restaurant business.  Our weekly wine order has more than doubled since pre-lockdown days – clearly Ropley residents are enjoying the odd tipple during their Zoom socialising!!

Our new delivery service has really taken off. Every afternoon, 16 volunteers concentrated on deliveries to our self-isolating customers.  Over 200 deliveries have been made since 30th March and the team has also ensured that the shop shelves have been restocked as far as possible for the next morning.  Alas, it has not always been plain sailing; frozen food has been left in the freezer rather than being delivered (hopefully the items were not expected for supper that night); orders have been misinterpreted (2 “bakers” were translated as Bakers dog food, not baking potatoes – a household of very happy dogs!).

Comments received have included:

Better stock than Tesco…………..

We really appreciate the deliveries…………..

Our assisted shopping at The Courtyard has been a Godsend in lockdown.

We are delighted that since mid-June we have been able to open the shop again until 5pm (please note the post office will still close at 1.00pm on weekdays).  Our current volunteers can cover the opening hours until the end of the summer – after that, who knows how/if the working from home arrangements may change.

PLEASE, if you have any spare time on a regular (weekly/fortnightly) basis, do consider offering help in the shop – it has proved its worth as an invaluable resource to the village during these extraordinary times but we need help to make sure we can continue to be there for you. Just ask in the shop or contact Sue Brown tel. 773435 email

News update 5th May 2020

Please note we will be open from 8.30 to 1 pm on Friday 8th May 2020.

All that you need for your special VE Day afternoon tea is available to buy in the shop – scones, cakes, biscuits etc.



Think of Summer and you think of holidays, parties, picnics in the sunshine and BBQ’s. We can’t guarantee to supply the sunshine, but we can supply the sausages, chicken thighs and burgers, as well as Meadow Cottage  ice cream, both in family sized cartons and individual tubs for the BBQ’s – and quiches and salads for the picnics. We can supply the holiday euros from stock in the post office and other currencies by advance order. You can order your party drinks from our tempting selection of wines and champagne, both in small and larger quantities. Whilst not wishing to encourage a community of closet drinkers, we are now stocking single serve GNT’s, Prosecco and Pimms, as well as individual bottles of white, red and rose wine. The increasingly popular Fever-Tree tonic is also on our shelves and for the less alcoholically indulgent, we have Luscombe lemonade, iced coffee and elderflower presse.

Why not treat  yourself to a quiet sit down and a drink in our attractive courtyard. Thanks to the kind green fingers of neighbours, Frances Dearn and Jenny Barron, it is literally blooming and you can buy your own plants and bedding plants from us, as supplied by …………….. yes, you’ve guessed it, “Bloomers”.  Where else (apart from Midsomer Murders) would you find fruit and veg and all those delicious summer fruits supplied by “Bunched Carrot” and fresh bread supplied by “Happy Toast”  – and you can now order artisan bread during the week, not just at the weekend.

Bank Holiday Monday saw our volunteers beavering away at the Pram Race running the tea tent. We owe a huge “Thank You” to all  those, who baked the cakes, who sold the cakes, who bought the cakes and who ate the cakes. Thank you too to our gallant volunteers who helped to set up and dismantle the stall and not forgetting our stalwart wash-upperers..  As a result, over £520 was raised in donations to help to keep the shop running.

Don’t forget you can always find out more about The Courtyard –

You can visit us at           

You can like us on Facebook      Ropley Courtyard Shop

You can telephone us on             01962 773666  post office 773190

You can email us at         

You can reach us through

AND you can just pop into the shop!  See you there.

New furniture for The Courtyard Summer 2017


The new outdoor tables and chairs…..just waiting for some good weather……


Many thanks to the Mason family for providing this lovely wooden bench for The Courtyard.


We are really sorry to announce that Doreen Gostage is leaving us to start a new life near her daughter in Germany. She has been a stalwart of The Courtyard Shop for over seven years and has become an essential part of the team, not only running the shop on Saturdays but also putting in many hours of voluntary work behind the scenes each week.

Doreen, we will miss you. We hope you will be very happy in your new home.

All at The Courtyard Shop


Doreen’s departure means we will be looking for a new paid member of staff to work in the shop on Saturday mornings. Anyone interested should please contact Vonnie in the shop (01962 773666) for full details.